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We Understand Content

Yuxi Pacific provides cutting edge content management tools that enable our customers to quickly innovate, creating new digital products offerings that generate more revenue with a more efficient workflow process. With our solutions, we take the complexity out of digital content creation and management

We Understand Technology

At Yuxi Pacific, our staff was early adopters of commercial software such as MarkLogic and XQuire CCMS, along with open source technology such as Hadoop and ActiveMQ. We build highly scalable solutions that allow your company to innovate and deliver offerings that stand out from the competition.

Maximize The Value Of Your Content

We understand the role content plays within your organization and provide solutions for managing, enhancing and delivering that content in ways that can open doors to new products and new revenue.

  • Collect and store content in a repository in virtually any format, from any source
  • Enrich content with metadata to make your content more discoverable
  • Enable product managers to search existing assets and create new digital products
  • Publish your content to multiple channels, including web, tablets, mobile and print
  • Deploy semantic strategies to automatically classify content and assets
  • Create a social media strategy that makes your content interactive

Start Creating More Revenue

Free yourself from traditional technology and start putting your content to work for you in ways that only you can imagine. Please explore our web site to learn more. And, when you are ready, our team of experts is ready to serve you.