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Does Your Content Work for You? Or Against You?

There are opportunities today to transform the data into multiple formats and create something new. What if you needed to share a chart from a report created by a colleague two years ago and what if that report was from a different business, in a file cabinet in someone’s office? How many hours would it take to find it? How much would that cost your business? Would you even look, or start from scratch?

If your data and content- text, images, diagrams, video and audio files- are not accessible and searchable, then they might as well not exist. Instead of encouraging the development of new products and services, your unused assets get the way. It keeps you from growing. And it certainly doesn’t add value, and more importantly, revenue.

Isn’t it time your content became a productive member of the team?

Discover Your Content’s Potential

Let our team of experts employ cutting-edge technology to transform and enrich data to unlock its value. Creation of new product and services is now possible with powerful toolset, that inspires your team to work in collaboration. Enable dispersed teams to work together effectively. Build new revenue streams and enhance your Clients’ loyalty by creating more timely and relevant articles, reports, mashups and subscription services. Imagine that you can provide an image library that spans divisions, businesses and locations, launch subscription databases and dynamic custom collections seamlessly and at the speed of light.

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The possibilities are endless when your content is working for you, not against you.

Make Content Carry Its Weight

If you are a publisher, which most businesses are today, our enterprise component content management platform unifies all your content and makes it accessible, searchable and secure in new ways that were not possible until now.

It gathers data and content from across your organization, whether it’s print or digital, structured or unstructured, disparate, or just disorganized. Content does not reside strictly at the document level, each component of a document or a file has a unique purpose. Those components can take a life of their own and can be combined in new and valuable ways. Yuxi Pacific’s technology indexes and enriches content with metadata to make it searchable and discoverable on any device. You can also export content to formats like ePub, MOBI, HTML, InDesign, PDF, XML just as easily.

Big Data Challenges

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